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GUAIzine ft. Dreckig bleiben

The perfume’s inherently contradictory name, Dreckig bleiben (German for “stay dirty”), also stands for a general counter idea to repeated and seldom-held false promises.

Dreckig bleiben means hanging out with your best friends in your oldest but cosiest tracking pants down by the river, in the warmth of a campfire. Your feet in the sand and a glass of wine in your hand. No suits, no high heels, no white shirts, no patent-leather shoes. Not playing a role, just being yourself. No decorum, no shenanigans. I am who I am. And the next day I’m going to crawl out of bed, happy and satisfied, with the scent of the night and the bonfire still hanging on me. It doesn’t come better than that.

Dreckig bleiben—a finely-tuned rejection of superficiality. Like a pair of beloved, beat-up sneakers or an underarm tattoo that stand just for themselves. Nothing less, nothing more.

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